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Welcome to Baby Sensory Launceston @ Kids Paradise

Our First Class of magical sensory learning, wonder, exploration and extraordinary delights starts next Wednesday 6th February.

We know right at this moment you have so much goodness going on in your life and you probably think how can I squeeze in another hour of goodness?

We really want to help you squeeze in more giggles, more joy, more love.

So we are offering the a Taste and See experience for $19.

Come and taste classes in the first week for $19.

Then you can make your decision to sign up for the remaining 9 weeks.  This will give your baby's brain opportunities to be stimulated.

We also have a first time special offer of $170 for the 10 weeks.

Normally it would cost $190 for the 10 weeks but until Saturday the 2nd of February we are offering it at $170.  This will save you money.

Our passion is babies and of course their brain development. Our classes are run with the highest of standards when it comes to our venues, equipment, safety, cleanliness and lesson plans.

Our classes run for one hour and are different every single week.

A huge amount of time goes into the preparation of these classes so that you know you are getting the very best experience for your baby and you.


2019 DATES:
Term 1: Wednesday 6th February

Term 2: Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July                 


Sensory Development: 
Physical Development:
Language Development:



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