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Hello Baby

(currently available in WA only, but coming to more areas in 2021)


Observations that can provide a remarkable insight into the needs, abilities and sensitivities of your new baby

Birth to 3 months


Renowned, dedicated and passionate, Dr Lin Day (PhD, M.Phil, FETC, PGCE, BSc, Dip Ed), has written and developed a new add-on feature to the already successful Baby Sensory programme - Hello Baby designed specifically for parents and their new babies.  


"Understanding your new baby's unique characteristics, abilities and sensitivities can make a difference that lasts a lifetime!" Dr Lin Day

Specifically designed for babies from birth to 3 months, by Dr Lin Day, one of the UK's leading parenting experts, Hello Baby is a brand new addition to the Baby Sensory family.  Our Hello Baby programme is comprised of 2 main elements - a Hello Baby Observation, followed by a series of 5 Hello Baby Massage sessions to help support parents through the early weeks and months of their baby's life.

(Please note, our Hello Baby programme is currently being rolled out across the country and therefore is not currently available in all areas).


"Your baby communicates with you from the moment they enter the world. We look at how your baby responds to the world, what they can do, what they find difficult or stressful, and how you can help them grow and develop in the first 3 months of life." Dr Lin Day.

An extraordinary opportunity for parents, our Hello Baby programmes help you to:

  • Observe how your baby responds to the world and communicates with you by interpreting behavioural cues.
  • Identify your baby's abilities, sensitivities and needs.
  • Recognise how your baby self-soothes to reduce stress.
  • Recognise the five main cries of your baby.
  • Investigate comfort techniques that can effectively reduce crying.
  • Develop loving touch techniques through baby massage, reflexology, yoga, sensory integration and containment.

The benefits enable you to:

  • Understand what your baby is saying so you can adapt care-giving responses to meet their needs.
  • Support your parent-baby bond through sensory integration techniques and positive touch experiences.
  • Learn new techniques that can help calm and relax your baby and promote sleep.
  • Be part of a social experience where you can make friends with parents going through the same worries, challenges and celebrations as you are.
  • Ask questions from the experts giving you boosted confidence in your abilities.

Our Hello Baby programme can truly transform those first few months for you and your baby.

Delivered by expertly trained Practitioners we would love to welcome you to our classes or answer any questions you may have.

Have a look at the elements that make up our unique Hello Baby programme below.

Please don't hesitate to contact us to see how you can take part our unique Hello Baby sessions.


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