Baby Sensory Inner West Melbourne VIC


It is now widely recognised that babies learn more during the first year than at any other time in their life. In fact, their brain doubles in volume in the first 12 months due to connections formed as a direct result of their activities and experiences. Isn't that amazing?

What is Baby Sensory?

Baby Sensory is a unique baby development program specifically designed for babies from birth to 13 months old. It is based on forty years of research and over 40,000 babies a year experience the unique classes across the globe. Baby Sensory classes promote physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth and learning during this precious first year.

What will my baby and I experience at Baby Sensory?

Classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, signing, therapeutic games, bonding and massage! All these activities are carefully chosen to aid all round brain development as well as to enhance social and emotional skills.

Our research based programme is guaranteed to excite you and your little one and you can attend our classes for a full year and never experience the same class twice.

Every single activity has been designed to stimulate development and we will share this developmental information with you so each week you can take away lots of ideas for supporting and encouraging your baby's development at home.

The warm, relaxed environment also makes our classes a fabulous place to meet other new parents and share magical moments with your baby. Often parents make new friendships in Baby Sensory classes that last for years!

Where are classes in the Inner West?

Our award winning Baby Sensory Classes are held weekly in:

Footscray at Hoadley Hall on Thursdays

Williamstown at Holy Trinity Anglican Church on Saturdays

Changes to classes to keep everyone COVID safe

To comply with current health and safety guidelines our classes will look slightly different to usual. Some of the ways we'll be ensuring everyone stays safe at Baby Sensory are:

  • reducing numbers in our classes - to comply with maximum capacity limits and to ensure social distancing of 1.5m between families, there will be 10 families in classes.
  • modified classes - our classes are going to be 40 minutes long and will focus on Class Leader led activities. For this term we won't be setting up our exploratory play areas as social distancing in these spaces is just too tricky.
  • maintaining high cleaning standards - we will continue to practice exemplary cleaning of all of our equipment between classes and will also be disinfecting high touch areas in our venues.
  • stay well - we will be encouraging families to stay at home and recover if they show any signs or symptoms of any illness. Our make up options for missed classes can be found in the booking information section of the website.

What happens in the event of a COVID-19 lockdown?

Should a lockdown occur or changes to government restrictions are announced in relation to COVID-19, classes in the Inner West will be impacted in the following ways:

  • Classes will be postponed until the earliest possible date that they can recommence;
  • Should the lockdown be extended, classes will be cancelled and we will communicate all options with you. Options may include, but are not limited to: having the balance of the remaining classes for the term refunded in full; or completing the term online with our Baby Sensory @ Home classes.