Baby Sensory Inner West Melbourne VIC


The current cost is $22 per class and terms vary in length. The current term is 5 weeks or $110.

Trial bookings are offered from time-to-time and cost $30 for one class. Trial bookings are non-refundable and cannot be re-booked. An online class will be offered should you be unable to make your trial class.

It's no problem to join our classes at any point during the term providing there is availability. The total cost will be recalculated depending on the number of weeks left.  

Payment can be made by card at the time of booking. Contact Mel if you encounter any issues with your payment processing at the time of booking. 

Want to enrol but the class is full?

Make sure you add your name to the waiting list as spaces can become available at any time. Adding your name to the waiting list also ensures that you get notified when new classes or terms open. You can also join another class while you wait for a space to become available in your class of choice and as soon as it does we'll just move your booking over.

What about if we miss a class?

We know that things will happen making it hard to join every single session and with the current climate we are encouraging families to stay at home and recover fully if they have any signs or symptoms of illness.

If you miss your Baby Sensory Class you have two options:

  • you could send a friend along to the class you are missing so they can experience Baby Sensory;
  • if you do not book in a friend, you will be sent a link to an online Baby Sensory @ Home class to enjoy sometime during the week.