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Baby Sensory classes Manningham and South Banyule

Welcome to Baby Sensory!





  Come and let you baby have fun and socialise in a clean and safe environment. 

We have 4 weeks planned of fun and enjoyment while we focus on your baby's social, emotional and physical development. 


Going away in January? Never fear…Term 1 2022 starts in February and runs for 8 weeks! Ivanhoe East and Doncaster East classes now available!


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Our magical classes were once again voted by Australian parents as the Best Baby Activity in the 2021 What's on for Kids Awards (a selection of industry judges agreed and awarded us the judged winner in this category too). 

Each week your knowledgeable, friendly Class Leader will take you and your baby on a magical adventure. Every week is different meaning you leave class each week armed with new songs and activities to help entertain your baby and support their development during your time together at home.


In our January SUMMER HOLIDAY SPECIAL TERM we will have some fun doing the Salsa in our Summer Special class as well as meet some amazing Animals and explore the train and boat as we go Travelling!!


Term 1 2022 will be full of fun and magic as we start the term with lots of love in our Baby Valentine class, hit it up with Baby Rock n Roll and have fun dressing up in our favourite Superhero costume as we raise money for the Miracle Babies Foundation. 


As well as being lots of fun each class is packed with developmentally appropriate activities for you and your baby to enjoy together. We use a range of resources(from fibre optic lights to musical instruments to puppets to parachutes) to support your baby's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. 


In these weekly class we commit to bringing you a *WOW* and *MAGICAL* Baby Sensory experience with strict cleanliness procedures for everyone’s health and safety. 


As a setting for a vulnerable sector of society (unvaccinated babies) it is of the utmost importance that we follow the Victorian Government's roadmap out of lockdown in order to keep our classes, and everyone attending them, as safe as possible. We will therefore be asking everyone aged 16+ who attends our classes to check in on arrival at every class and show proof of vaccination (or show evidence of a formal Medicare vaccination exemption) at the time of booking by emailing their COVID Vaccination Certificate.  The CHO has mandated this approach while Covid 19 case numbers are high across Victoria to minimise risk whilst still being able to enjoy the activities and company we have all missed so much over the last few months. 


We will also continue to implement best Covid 19 infection control practices including greater ventilation of rooms before, during and after classes, mandatory mask wearing (until public health orders say otherwise and unless there is an exemption), adhering to capacity limits set by the CHO and disinfecting of all equipment and high touch points inbetween classes.



Dates: Tuesday 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th January

Birth to 13months  : 10.15am – 10.55am

Birth to 13 months: 11.15am – 11.55am

Cost $88


Our timetable for Term 1 2022:


Ivanhoe East 8 weeks @ $184

Birth - 8 months:  10.30am -11.10am

8 - 13 months:  11.30am - 12.10pm

Birth - 13 months: 12.30pm - 1.10pm 


Doncaster East 8 weeks @ $184

Birth - 8 months:  10.30am -11.10am

8 - 13 months:  11.30am - 12.10pm 

Birth - 13 months: 12.30pm - 1.10pm 

Birth - 8 months:  1.30pm -2.10pm 



If your class of interest is fully booked, please place yourself on the waitlist and if a space becomes available you will be contacted. 



With warmth and kindness, 

Zahra Patel

0401 854 443




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