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Welcome to Baby Sensory Greater Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast


Our team at Baby Sensory Greater Geelong, Bellarine Peninsula, and Surf Coast acknowledge Wadawurrung people are the Traditional Custodians of the land on which our classes run, and have been for thousands of generations.  We recognise the unique ability of the Wadawurrung peoples to care for Country and the continuing spiritual, cultural, economic, social and environmental connections they have to the land, sea, sky and waterways. 



Babies have an extraordinary capacity to absorb information during their precious first year...

... and at Baby Sensory we don't waste a single moment!


Our team in Geelong are so proud and honoured to have been nominated across multiple categories in the 2022 What's On 4 Kids Awards, including :

"Best Local Franchisee Baby/Toddler Class/Activity (0-3yrs)"

"Outstanding Coach/Teacher for 0-5 yr olds (ANZ)"



We are now accepting Term 3 enrolments from new families!

We have an incredible term planned, simply packed full of fantastic sights, stimulating sounds, tactile experiences, social and cooperative play, and incredible bonding moments for you to share with your baby.  In addition, every week our super-knowledgeable and experienced practitioners share lots of ideas for age-appropriate play you can try with your baby at home.

To be "in the know" before anyone else and find out when we are opening enrolments for new terms, holding special weekend events, have any special offers, or are opening new venues in new and exciting locations in our region, join our mailing list here (We promise to never, ever spam you or share your details with any other third parties.  Ever.)


Term 3 Class Timetable





Ocean Grove

President's Ave

Geelong West

Clarence St


Park St


Barrabool Rd


Bellarine Hwy

12th July - 13th Sept

10 weeks @ $ 240

13th July - 14th Sept

10 weeks @ $ 240

20th July - 21st Sept

*9 weeks @ $ 216

 21st July - 22nd Sept

10 weeks @ $ 240

6th Aug - 17th Sept 

7 weeks @ $ 168

10:00  |  6-13 months        

09:30  6-13 months      

10:00  |  6-13 months        

10:00  |  6-13 months        

09:30  |  6-13 months        

11:30   |  0-7 months

11:00   |  0-7 months  

11:30   |  0-7 months 

11:30   |  0-7 months 

11:00   |  0-7 months 

12:30   |  3-10 months 

13:00  |  3-10 months 

13:00  |  3-10 months


*14:00  Newborn (0-3m)

*40min classes ($ 220)



What's on in Term 3?

French Week - Dust off your beret as we head to France to mark Bastille Day Baby Sensory-style.

Winter Wonderland - Rug up as we create a magical icy-world for your babies to experience... full of glittery ice and snow, northern lights, the works!

Baby Shark - We partnered with Nick Junior in 2021 to develop an incredible sea adventure for Baby Sharks which includes diving to the deepest depths of the ocean and meeting the truly entrancing creatures who live there.  This class is not to be missed.

Rock & Roll week - We'll be taking a step back into that old time rock and roll...  Babies and parents will delight in the music, dancing and the CUTE photo opportunities which come with a class full of nostalgia and FUN!

Book Week - Books, Bells and Balls... a lovely class where you and bub will have the opportunity to connect with some of the all time classic children's stories and their characters.  Costumes are highly, HIGHLY recommended.

Singing in the Rain - as the name suggests.... there will be song, and there will be rain!  No need to bring your umbrella though, because we will have enough for everyone to sit under with their baby - in prime position to enjoy a downpour of bubbles the likes of which you have never seen!

Magic week - spells and tricks and slights of hand!  This class is all about creating an environment of surprise, curiosity and wonder for your baby.

Rainforest week - We're heading to the Daintree Rainforest so that babies can explore the incredible ecosystem Baby Sensory-style.  Babies will explore a plethora of different tactile elements, smell and explore tropical fruits, meet some of the Australian native animals who call the Daintree their home... And will be challenged with trying to catch a cheeky rainforest spider!

Sleep Tight - Immersing babies in beautiful music and lullabies that will take them on a wonderful journey past the stars and over the rainbow before settling down with "old bear" at the endo four final session of Term 3.


Why Baby Sensory?

The most miraculous advances in your baby's brain structure occur in the first 3 months of life.  During this period an astonishing 2 million new brain cell connections are created every second.  By thte end of the first year, your baby's brain will have doubled in volume as a direct result of sensory learning from birth.

"A sensory environment rich in sights, sounds, smells and textures promotes brain growth, increases the capacity for intellectual development and forms the foundation for all future learning." Dr. Lin Day

Specifically designed from birth to aid your child's development, our magical classes are packed with an incredible variety of sounds, smells, sights, textures, music, dance, singing, signing and more.

We want you to enjoy every second of this miraculous development.  That's why everything we do has a purpose.  For example, we've arranged the sensory area to match the distance your baby can see objects clearly, we've measured the decibel level of our instruments to ensure they are an appropriate volume for sensitive baby ears, and we sooth your baby at the end of every class by mimicking the sounds of the womb.  If your baby needs to feed or sleep at any time during a class, then that's fine too!

Every single activity is carefully designed - from the music, to the length of the activity, to the specialised equipment used - all with your baby's development in mind.  From physical, cognitive, social or emotional development. 

AND every single week is different.  In fact, you will never experience the same class twice, even if you attend for a full 13 months!

Our classes run for 60 minutes and follow your baby's natural Play-Rest-Play cycle to ensure they do not tip into Sensory-Overload. 

All you need to do is come along!  We've done the research so that you and your baby can spend time focussing on each other and having huge amounts of fun!


Baby not due until term is already underway?

Never fear, if there is availability, you can join at any time during a term and our enrolment system will recalculate the remaining weeks of the term for you.


How do I join a class?

To join our multi-award-winning classes, simply scroll down to our list of available classes and enrol your baby in our program, and if you want to see more of what you may experience when you start coming to our classes, follow us on Instagram (@babysensorygeelong), and Facebook (Baby Sensory Geelong, Bellarine & Surf Coast).

All of our classes regularly fill well in advance of term commencing.  If your preferred class is fully booked, please join the waitlist so that we can notify you if a place becomes available.

You are welcome to join another class while you wait, this doesn't affect your place on the waitlist - and we can move your booking over when a space in your preferred class becomes available (as it invariably does as things move around during term due to babies' routines changing!).


When should I join?

Your baby will learn more during their first year than at any other time in their life, so the answer to the question, "when should I join" is : as soon as you can - your baby is never too young.


How do I find out when spaces are available?

To find out when we are opening enrolments for new terms, have added additional classes to our timetable, are holding special weekend events, are running special offers, or are opening new venues in new and exciting locations in our region, join our mailing list here.

Are you a parent of multiples?

We have a large number of twins who enjoy our classes across all of our venues!  

Fees for multiples are calculated as:

  • full term rate for 1st baby (or pro-rated if commencing once term is underway), and
  • a 20% discount for each subsequent sibling (all attending together).

Please contact us at : so that we can assist you in enrolling your twins/triplets.



Baby Sensory Class Video

If you would like to see what our classes are like - check out a few short videos HERE



Did you know that we run some incredible magical Special Events for you to experience with your baby?


February 2022

Baby Valentine

March/April 2022

Superhero Senseathon

July 2022

Christmas in July (Weekend Special Event)

August 2022

Baby Picasso (Weekend Special Event)

August 2022

Book Week – Dreaming with eyes open (Books, Bells & Balls during term)

September 2022

Father's Day (Weekend Special Event)

October 2022

Baby Pumpkin - Halloween/Autumn Harvest celebration (Weekend Special Event)

December 2022

Baby's First Christmas (celebration)

December 2022

Summer Special


For more information on the incredible events we have planned, or to find out more information on our Private-Party packages, see our "Events" page.

Baby Sensory is the perfect place to support your baby's development, and the warm, relaxed environment makes it a fabulous place to connect with other local families while sharing magical moments with your baby and creating memories that you will treasure forever.

If you experience any difficulties during the booking process, or have any program-specific questions please contact us directly, either by text, or email (text 0405 198 218 or email as we are often running classes and unable to answer the phone.

If you're not quite ready to book now but would like to receive an email when places open up in future terms - Select one of the 8 (Torquay, Ocean Grove, Geelong West, Highton, Torquay, Lara, Newcomb, Leopold) "Expression of interest" WAITLISTS, or click HERE to enter your contact details, and you will be added to our mailing list for future terms.

Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with our booking terms and conditions, and read our ‘About the Classes’ and ‘Booking Information’ pages for further information.


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