Baby Sensory Perth South of the River

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We run 4 different 10 week programmes with our classes each year. The programmes are scheduled to coincide with school terms. The cost for each term (10 classes) is $240. 
We welcome enrolments at any stage during the term, subject to availability. The class fees are based on the remaining number of classes in that term.
We also have a special group offer - when 4 or more babies join for a 10 week term together, you all receive $20 cash reward!
Simply email us at with the names of the 4 babies and parents* who have enrolled and we will flick a $20 cash reward straight back to you all.
*This offer is valid when at least 2 of the babies in the group are new to Baby Sensory Perth – South of the River, and when all 4 babies have enrolled at full price.
We would love to see you and your baby at one of our classes and will try our best to accommodate you. If you need to make some exceptional arrangements, please send us an email: