Baby Sensory Central Coast NSW


Kathleen Hewson

Hello there, I am a mum of two and have been a Central Coast resident for the past 16 years now. I am originally from the UK also. I am passionate about witnessing and admiring childhood learning and development. I love to read, sing, and bake with my children, especially cupcakes! Baby Sensory to me is such special time, being present, learning, and equipping parents to bond through play with their babies. I so look forward to meeting you and being a part of you and your baby’s early childhood development journey.

Samantha Tingley

Welcome to Baby Sensory - Central Coast! As a new resident of Point Clare, I am very excited to offer this outstanding programme to the Central Coast community. I was born and grew up in the UK and moved to Sydney in 2016, following my two sisters here! I knew right away that this was my forever home. I spend most weekends cooking up a storm, gardening, hiking or spending time with my ever growing family. Baby Sensory has been one of the most fulfilling journeys of my life and I am so excited to share it with you.