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Baby Sensory Classes

Our Baby Sensory programme has been designed specifically for babies from birth to 13 months.

The Baby Development activities stimulate the senses and help your baby develop.  We are confident that these parent and baby activities will delight and surprise you and your baby.  We use a combination of original and traditional songs and rhymes to develop early communication skills. You will always remember the moment your baby first uses the signs of our Say Hello song which is played at the beginning of each Baby Sensory class.  

The video below show a series of activities from a typical Baby Sensory session and illustrate a number of unique baby development and bonding activities for parents and their babies.


About the Programme

The various baby activities aim to build up a vocabulary of sensory experiences (e.g. visual, auditory and tactile), to enhance physical contact (massage, reflexology, touching, cuddling and rocking) between you and your baby and to promote the development of speech through the use of sign language, music, song and puppets.

Activities vary weekly.  All activities are excellent for developing physical, social and emotional, and language skills, co-ordination, awareness of the world, a love of music and the concentration so needed for further development.

Recent research illustrates that the most important time for development is the first year of life.

Language development – many parents experience intense frustration in understanding their baby’s signals.  Sign Language is one way of taking the guesswork out of parenting.

Physical development – although babies should always sleep on their backs, tummy time is an essential aspect of development from birth.  Babies need to be on their tummies in order to go through the fundamental movement patterns that stimulate both sides of the brain.

Social development - happy social play sets the tone for the acquisition of future skills such as cooperation, turn taking and sharing.

Emotional Development – massage is one sensory delight that really strengthens the bond because it provides an opportunity for parents to express their love.  

Pond Dipping at Baby Sensory Classes

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Country Garden at Baby Sensory Classes

  What happens at a Baby Sensory Class

 Baby Sensory introduces you and your baby to a world of rich and varied sensory experiences in a creative and enjoyable    environment to encourage learning and development.

  Baby Sensory classes always start with our Say Hello song during which you will use simple sign language to    communicate  with baby.  Parents enjoy learning new signs and babies just love expressive movement! This is followed by  sensory activities  which you can enjoy with your baby.  These shared moments with baby are precious to you both and will  give you a wealth of  ideas to try at home with your baby. 

 The class always has an exploratory play session where babies can explore the baby activity area which has a range of    equipment specifically selected to stimulate your baby's senses and help with their development. 

 This session also allows you to meet others with young babies and form friendships with other parents, these friendships  are  often an important part of adapting to parenthood.  Healthcare professionals often refer new parents to their local Baby  Sensory class where they support each other during the early stages of parenthood. 

 Each Baby class ends with further sensory experiences for baby.



 The pictures below show some of the experiences you and baby can look forward to enjoying together when you visit a Baby Sensory class.  
 Babies love Shiny things


These activities are designed to delight parent and baby who generally can't wait to come back for their next Baby Sensory class.   

See what others have to say about our classes on the Testimonials page of our web site.

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